Professional services include Soundsystem and DJ Hire, with a wide variety of sound systems available, as well as competitively priced installations and dj’s for your event. We also have music production & recording studio facilities based in West London and can provide professional filming for weddings, music videos and functions. Digitally re-mastered recordings of Rapattack parties from the 80’s to the present day still prove to be very popular and are now available on CD.

DJ and Mixing Lessons

Party Organisation & DJ Bookings
Hire DJ's &/or Sound Systems
Custom Sound System Design
DVD-Video/Event Recording/Photography Services
DAT / Tape / MD / CD Re-mastering & Duplication Services
Consultancy/Event Management
Merchandise (Rapattack CD’s, T Shirts, Jackets)

DJ and Mixing Lessons

Be taught by the Master MC himself.

If you live in or around London’s M25 area and are interested in DJ and mixing lessons or would like to attend DJ workshops please:

From novice to the semi-professional, we can provide one-to-one and group dj workshops for personal needs or for your project. As well as learning how to mix in records expertly, we can teach you a variety of turntable scratch and fader techniques and give you technical advice on how to set up your audio visual or music system correctly.

Party Organisation & DJ Bookings

Rapattack DJs are available for club nights and events both as a team or individually depending your requirements.

The Rapattack team have considerable experience organising a variety of events and entertaining a variety of different crowds. All our DJs have considerable experience playing clubs and events throughout the UK and are reliable and professional.

From simply providing DJs, to hiring venues, sound system, caterers, photographers, video cameraman and live acts, if you've got a party or event coming up, then get in touch and see what we can do for you. If you are looking for a venue, or services for a corporate event, birthday party, wedding, event launch or opening party then we can help. Feel free to get in touch for more details.

Hire Rapattack DJ's/Sound Systems

Whatever your function or requirement, we have the perfect DJ's and/or Soundsystem to meet your requirements. If you prefer, we can supply the ideal professional sound or public address system for your function or event (complete with engineer). No venue too big or too small, from house party to stadium.  We can also design and custom build a sound system for a permanent installation and are proud to have designed sound systems for major high street and fashion brands. 

We have a wide variety of systems available using nothing but the best in upmarket industry standard equipment. These systems include premium brands e.g.Turbosound, JBL, Electrovoice, ASS, Crown and Martin-Audio Technology, as well as a choice of mixing desks with Technics SL turntables/ Professional CD players.

Prices are very reasonable and more than competitive and we guarantee to provide an excellent comprehensive service. For any enquiries & information, please contact us.

Custom Sound System Design

We can also design and custom build a sound system for permanent installations (eg - shops, clubs, restaurants, bars or even your car) -
our portfolio for contracted custom design includes major corporate brands.
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DVD-Video/Event Recording/Photography Services

For any function. No job too big. No job too small.

Capture your corporate event, private function, club night or even a special occasion such as a wedding on film or digital video. Our cameraman (Kevin) is a seasoned professional and graduate with over 15 years experience, who has gained a B.A. (Hons) degree in Communications and Audio Visual Production. He also has considerable expertise in the production of music and wedding videos.

Once we have captured your event, we can edit and transfer the finished product on either VHS tape or DVD format. We prefer to use broadcast standard camera equipment for high resolution quality and crystal clear viewing. If you would like to obtain a quote, or for more information please get in touch.


DAT / Tape / MD / CD Re-mastering & Duplication Services

If you need your function, event or club night professionally recorded, look no further than Rapattack. No job too big. No job too small.

We come to your venue and professionally record your function or clubnite onto DAT (digital audio tape) and then edit it to produce CD’s of your event, as a complete package if required. We can also re-master your old analogue audio cassette tapes onto CD.

We also offer a comprehensive service to up & coming or established DJ’s that may require short runs of CD’s or who would like to visit our studio to produce their perfect mixes on CD for promotional purposes.

We guarantee the lowest prices available to duplicate or produce your CD’s. For any enquiries & information, please contact us.


We have expertise as consultants in matters concerning all aspects of event management and promotions, organisation of sound including sound engineering, audio-visual installations, connection/wiring issues (faultfinding), together with comprehensive knowledge of dance music and the industry. If you need professional advice look no further.

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