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The dj's
DJ Master MC
the award winning DJ winning the U.K. Mix Supreme titles for 7 consecutive years from 1984-1990, the best radio dj (1986 and 1987), the best U.K. dj (1986) and best club dj in 1990. With a style that’s second to none and a proven ability to be able to rock any crowd. He‘s remained at the top of the profession for many years with what he describes as the party style. Continuing to represent Rapattack at corporate and high profile gigs and being invited by many established club or party promoters who require an expertise set, incorporating good party vibes to please a diverse or specific audience. His love for people and the community, is highlighted by providing workshops and involvement with projects and other services to re-establish disaffected pupils in the school community. He regularly works with those affected by mental health and drug issues, also assisting young people with CV construction and job searches together with using his position within the industry as a role model and using music as a tool to enhance self esteem.
Has recently completed a Masters degree at Brunel University where he graduated with distinction. He is the treasurer of BASS (the British Association of Sound Systems) and was nominated to the London Notting Hill Carnival operations group sub committee.
Other Hobbies: Visiting historic sites and documentaries, Doing remixes for the dancefloor. Apple based computing, Science Fiction and Professional Audio and Hi-fi system technology.
Best club of all time- Upstairs at Ronnie Scotts in the 70’s and Skindells in Maidenhead around 1980.
Favourite tune of all time- see Words from the (DJ) Master MC
Favourite female artists over the years: from ‘Gladys Knight’, ‘Patrice Rushen’, and 'Chaka Khan’ to ‘Jill Scott’.
Favourite male artists: From vintage ‘Marvin Gaye‘, ‘Frankie Beverly’, ‘The Isley Brothers’ ‘Barry White’, ‘Lionel Ritche’ and loads more to 'Tevin Cambell', Usher, Justin, the list is endless (including loads of names I’ve never heard of).
Star sign- Aries
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Press articles
Words from the Master MC
“I’ve been collecting music since the 70’s” he says. “I’ve even inherited my parents’ old tunes, stuff like Brook Benton, Tom Jones’s original stuff, Nat King Cole, loads of Bluebeat and Ska, the original Beatles collection, Funk, Soul and loads more, not forgetting the tunes they bought for me as a kid, like fireball XL5 and Julie Andrew’s ‘Sound of Music’ soundtrack from the film. That's why you'd often hear me beat-mix classical music and popular musical soundtracks live on the turntables. People don't expect it and they go crazy when they hear these blended together with big basslines from upfront tracks of the day. I was lucky enough to be brought up at a time when the artistic and musical quality of all genres was thriving. When I was a kid everything was recorded live and as a young man I watched, and even appreciated the introduction of drum machines and synthesisers for making those early electro records such as Al-Naafiysh- The Soul (1983) on Cutting Records, Tyrone Brunson’s Smurf (1982) and the massive anthem 'Planet Rock'. I love music. My clubbing days started in the James Brown progressing into Jazz-funk and Disco era. ‘Me and the boys’, Jabba, Clive Clarke, Tommy Mac, just to name a few, were dancers. Yep, believe you me we were wicked dancers. We were into deep stuff like ‘Reuben Wilson’s- Got to get your own’ and idolised people like ‘Roy Ayres’. The only soul that you heard on radio was the Gregg Edward’s show on Capital on a Saturday night or Robbie Vincent on Sundays. I was brought up in Acton (West London) and a group of us from there including a very young ghetto pal ‘DJ Norman Jay (MBE)’ always hung out at the same clubs. One of the first was our local ‘Hammersmith Palais’. There weren’t even any pirate stations that played our black music and we used to have to travel all round the country to specific venues on different nights of the week, if we wanted to dance and meet people who were into the music we were into. I should point out that at the time-strange as it may seem, most of the people who were into this music were white. It’s all changed so much these days, clubs are plentiful but the music played is so commercial. Everybody, their mother and their dog is now a DJ. The quality of good dj’ing in general instead of progressing, has gone sour and backwards in my opinion, with many dj’s copying each other, playing the same styles and tunes as everyone else, when there are a million and one other tunes out there to be played.”
My first dj experiences
                                “Because I loved music so much as a kid, had all the music, and was always messing about at home on a cheap microphone and Realistic mixer and made my own big speakers boxes for my bedroom, I was the one that friends used to get to be the dj. I played tracks i’d chopped together on reel to reel and only had one cheap deck. Later on I got caught up in the early hip-hop thing and was fascinated and simply blown away by hearing and seeing New York dj’s cut breaks on turntables while rappers such as ‘Spoonie G‘ and ‘Jeckell and Hyde’ smashed it on the mike. There was so much raw energy around at the time. I started rapping, using my tag ‘the Master MC’, the one that raps so viciously, going to clubs like the Titanic and the Language Lab to lyrically battle with crews from other City's (including another soon to be star Nelly Hooper (Soul II Soul) who was then the DJ for an MC/DJ rap crew called the Wildbunch from Bristol. The big named stars from the U.S.A. would always drop in if they were in town, people like ‘Prince’, 'Fab 5 Freddie' and a lot of artistic people who have now become celebrities in their own right, such as Vivienne Westwood, Boy George and George Michael used to go their regularly when they were virtually unknown. In London, it was the place to be. I became one of the house rappers there alongside our very own Dizzy Heights and people like Starry and Junior Gee. I got friendly with Grandmaster Flash’s crew when they were over and it was he in fact that inspired me and taught me my first moves as a mix and scratch dj”
From rapper to dj
                          “More and more late nights were having an effect, competing with my daytime job and I was soon earning a lot more money rapping at clubs. It was a new craze, every club wanted to have a rapper. There was loads of work around for us cos in those days we were young, fresh and exploitable, so obviously the daytime job had to go. I started rapping for the Mastermind Roadshow who at that time was managed by a brilliant dj called Herbie. When I saved enough money I bought a pair of belt driven turntables and later I came up with the idea to put together my own Soundsystem, but unlike other sounds that  would play reggae as well, I decided that we would play 100% soul and boogie in the mix ‘New York style’ with rappers and singers. It was very much underground. We started playing out regularly, having parties every Saturday night in massive mansions that were squats. They generally ended the next afternoon. Not many people had heard records being mixed together before and as the word spread about what we were doing and how we were presenting our music audibly and visually, everybody wanted to be part of it. When it got to around 6a.m. in a Party, I would play personal selections of soft groovy type ballads which I coined the ‘early morning groove’, a style that the reggae based dj’s have copied and even to this day they incorrectly label the type of music as ‘rare groove’. Soon we were filling warehouse venues holding up to 5000 people. That’s how the Rapattack brand got established and the rest is History. I’m always getting stopped and given props for having taught and inspired many of today's top dj’s. All I can do is to thank a great power up there for blessing me with such a wonderful gift.  We could never had done it without loads of help and effort from many fans and crew members, so to those concerned, I’ll remain eternally grateful”.
Feeling the groove
                                “Making people dance to tunes is easy.
The first thing you have to do is set the mood and make sure that you play a tune that oozes with the type of melody that you can run but you can’t hide from and it helps if you've got loads of women around too, because unlike us men, they’re not afraid to be seduced by melody and let their bodies go. Once they start moving, the guys soon follow suit and after that it’s up to you to play successive tunes, ensuring that you take charge of the melodies to keep or change the mood smoothly or drastically, depending on how you want people to react. You can make people high, taking them up and down on a ‘musical trip’ that they can buzz on without having to take drugs. It also helps if you’ve got a naturally good ear. If not forget it. There have been some people I've tried to teach, although enthusiastic and determined, just aren’t able to be taught no matter how hard they try. It’s all about feeling your music, listening to what’s coming out of the speaker boxes and fine tuning, as well as the technical skills- either you’ve got it or you don’t. Some people may think that it’s easy but there is an art to being a proper dee-jay, as opposed to somebody who just plays records, trust me”.
My record collection
                                “There are just so many good funky tunes out there spanning the last 4 decades. All I do is pick out the cream of the crop and mastermix them live and sometimes depending on the gig, that’s if it’s a real party, anything goes. I even use popular celebrity or well-known voices and film or tv programme soundtracks as gimmicks to make mixes more interesting and it all goes down a storm. I’ve probably got every tune worth having from around 1975 to the present day. I reckon I’ve got to have over 60,000 records, easy”.
My favourite tunes
                                “I haven’t got one particular favourite tune, they’re just too many good tunes out there, past and present. I’ve got few favourite record labels though and nothing beats the oldskool. The first that springs to mind is ‘Solar’ with, groups like ‘Shalamar’, ‘The Whispers’, ‘Dynasty’, ‘Midnight Starr’. Another one has to be ‘Sugarhill’ and ‘Enjoy’, there’s some wicked Grandmaster Flash, Funky 4 and other real early underground, clean rap stuff on there using breaks from tracks like Frankie Beverly and Maze’s- Before I let go. I still vibe on that great feeling that a well produced, quality piece of music can give you and sometimes it hits you from the most unexpected sources. I can recall hearing that ‘Blue’ track, the remix of ‘Fly By’ while I was standing in a queue at a shop, around the time that ‘Jamaraquai’s Little L’ was out. I just couldn’t believe it was ‘Blue’. I just thought, I’ve got to play that and believe you me it dropped and shocked audiences coming out of our speaker boxes. We’ve got around 40k of the best soundsystem equipment that money can buy and dj’s for every genre of music. When we play music, we like to use our own system, strictly so that people can hear and feel the music properly and believe you me, ask anyone that’s heard the system. It sounds real good. It’s always voted the best sounding system at outdoor events such as Carnival, so imagine what it sounds like indoors. Phenomenal, but more importantly crystal clear and clean, even at low volume levels it makes people wanna dance and reproduces recorded music fantastically.
The future
                “The club scene at the moment is demanding R’n’B. That's good because it gives me a good excuse to slip in the tracks from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s where a lot of the original samples come from. It’s amazing how many new tracks out there have been recycled in this way. I also love playing straight sets using uplifting garage and U.S. house, particularly with ‘sweet’ sexy vocals. I think that over the next few years there’s gonna be a big revival of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s stuff. You know things have a way of turning full circle. It’s already started. Another surprise is and I suppose with the rise of Sean Paul it was inevitable that Ragga music is continuing to rise to new heights and the whole of the young population in the U.K. both black & white want to hear it. I’ve recently done a couple of Rapattack Grand Groove shows on radio for the BBC and they have aired Mastermixes on their 1xtra digital channel for the specialist Carnival show. People are always telling me that they miss my unique style on the airwaves, so sometime in the future maybe, I may decide to return to full time radio, who knows?  In the meantime, I'll just stay busy, concentrating on getting my Masters degree finished cos I want my life back. It's really tough studying and trying to keep your head above water at the same time, so I've got this degree out of the way".
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DJ Lady Misstify
An ex dancer, who regularly danced at Phillip Salon’s, “Mud Club” in 1988 (another joint  where Rapattack’s Master Mc used to dj) and she’s probably the most photogenic member of the team, joining in 1999 as a dj, following a long standing tradition of female entertainers from Rapattac (the most famous being the now internationally acclaimed artist ‘Betty Boo’). She originally started dj’ing as a result of having an ex boyfriend who brought a set of turntables to her place back in 97 and they never left. “I bought them off him when we split up” she says. She enjoys cooking, clubbing and looking good, gaining her first residency as a result of being nominated by DJ Chewy at London’s ‘Aquarium’ night-club. She also spent nearly 3 years as a resident dj for the famous ‘Poo Na Na’ club group from 1998-2000. She has an unbelievably good ear and very smooth mixing technique and has performed some wicked sets, when playing her preferred choice of dance and club classics. She has plans to run a club night out naming it ‘girls on top’, with all the dj’s, dancers and singers having to be 100% female (sexist or what..!!!!). She also has the yearning desire to take to the skies in a power glider. (offers welcome).
Hobbies: “Photography, playing music, swimming and skiing, if I can ever find the time these days”.
Best Rapattack moment- Playing the set at the Carnival in 2000 in front of that massive crowd.
Favourite club- ‘Spectrum’ in Charing Cross in the acid/house era.
Favourite tune of all time- Richie Rich- Salsa House
Star sign- Leo
DJ Ricky  (a.k.a. the Politician)
a die hard music lover, with a good knowledge of the mechanics of Soundsystems, who has been collecting rare original soul vinyl's, R’n’B and other good tunes for many years. Originally, a supporter of the Rapattack Roadshow from the 80’s and has progressed to become a reliable member of the crew. Officially joining Rapattack at the millennium, he immediately got to grips with the task, attending all official Rapattack meetings and within a year was nominated to chair B.A.S.S. (the British Association of Soundsystems), representing soundsystem issues at the Notting Hill Carnival. He is more than well qualified for this, with business, advocacy and political skills, gained as a senior Department of Trade and Industry (D.T.I.) manager and working as a diplomat for the British government. His positive, concise and thorough evaluation of issues, as well as a cool head and balanced political responses under pressure were quickly recognised by the Carnival organistion and it’s performing art arenas (Mas, Steel bands, Calypsonians, Mobile and static Soundsystems). This has elevated his position as a champion spokesperson and he was soon co-opted as chairperson for ECCA (Executive Committee of Carnival Arts), an advisory group to the Carnival company operations, which is made up of executives and chairs from all of the Carnival arts arenas. As if all that wasn’t enough, he was recently appointed as vice chairman to AGRE (Advisory Group on Racial Equality). No doubt he’s a very busy man. With all this to do, it’s a wonder that he has any time to play music and DJ for the Rapattack cause, as well performing at weddings and private parties and for his vast array of friends.
Hobbies: “Music, music, music and visiting record fairs. DJ’ing. Driving my brand new fully loaded 325i convertible BMW and I’m a die hard Arsenal football Club supporter”. 
Best Rapattack moment- Carnival 1987 at the height of the ravers, rare groove and mastermix era.
Favourite tunes of all time- “Milton Wright’s- Keep it up, Sisters Sledge- Thinking of you, Active Force- Give me your Love, Steve Arrington’s Way Out and the wicked classic, Let’s get it On by Marvin Gaye”.
Star sign- Capricorn
View Ricky’s document on the history of soundsystems in the U.K.
Mixmaster Dee
became an understudy to the Master MC in 1986 and has probably been his best student to date, learning and excelling in cutting, mixing & turntable scratch techniques (sometimes after having locked himself away for weeks, then remerging after having perfected the moves taught to him by the Master). Today he is rated as one of the best R’n’B dj’s around. Was chosen to represent Rapattack as one of the DJ’s for Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” world tour in 1991 and has enjoyed a multitude of residencies over the years. Rated as an excellent all round  dj and being versatile, he currently is resident at an exclusive London club in Camden Town, frequented by upmarket clients, such as top models, Premier League footballers and the “in crowd”.
Hobbies: DJ’ing, keeping fit and larking about.
Best Rapattack moment/club- “When I was wearing the orange jump suit and we got filmed for BBC1 news, I was transforming Bambaata’s-  Planet Rock and Janet Kay’s- Silly games as live hip hop-reggae mix”.
Favourite tune of all time- Love Unlimited- If you want me, say.
Star sign- Capricorn
the MC’s
Bronx (aka Khemistry)
In his heyday rated as one of the top British rappers and was quickly signed to Rush Artist Management (affiliated to Def Jam U.K. label) in 1988 alongside the Wee Papa Girl Rappers. Contributing to the success of ‘Offshore’s’ major hits by supplying the rap vocals for their tracks, he has also regularly worked with the U.K’s R’n’B dj/producer Darkman and as a producer for the Select Committee. Travelling and having applied his trade all over Europe, the U.S.A and Africa. His talents also gained him a position as artiste liaison and stage co-ordinator for Del White (international gospel promoter and founder of Imani Music, responsible for signing ‘Nu Colors’ and as an agent for ‘the Winans’ and ‘Sounds of Blackness’). He also works with his sister’s ‘Sirius Energy’ promotion company who regularly bring artistes such as Gregory Issacs, Capleton, Beenie Man and oldskool soul acts such as ‘Oddesey’ and ‘Mcfadden and Whitehead’ to the U.K. He continues to be a valued (and probably is one of the most recognised), regular members of the crew.  He’s always upfront at Rapattack events, fire-ing and bubbling, entertaining the crowd and being cool and comfortable ‘on the mike.’
Hobbies: Making music, Reading, Family and the tasting and knowledge of vintage wines.
Best Rapattack club/moment- “Every Tuesday,when we were resident at Crazy Larries on the Kings Road in Chelsea (1990) and the first gig we ever did in Zurich, Switzerland”. 
Favourite tune of all time- Kashif’s- Baby don’t break your baby’s heart.
Star sign- Aries
Dizzi Heights
the Funky Dread, one of the original rappers of London Town, with a history that goes back to early performances at the Wag, the Titanic and the Language Lab (London’s first hip-hop club) in the heart of Soho, the trendiest place to be back in 1979 , frequented by a mix of London’s middle class English, as well as urban black youth, as a result of the diversity within the Royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. He has been Rapattack’s top Master of Ceremonies, first member to receive an Equity card and has performed at every Carnival since 1984, taking advantage of his senior position and experience to guide younger MC’s and singers. He still has that expert timing and delivery that oldskool rappers possess and always manages to get the crowd going, with some serious lyrics as well as jokes. Having previously been signed to 2 major recording companies over the years, he currently is doing his own thing partnered by Michael Clarke (Mike Check) who with their company La Familia Records produce some kickin' R’n’B and Garage tracks for the club scene as well developing local ‘shortie’ (youth) talent in Ladbroke Grove, London.
Hobbies: “That’s easy” says Diz, “I live, sleep and breathe music.
Best club of all time- “Language Lab” and the original “Titanic” back in the day.
Favourite tune of all time- Man Parish- Hip Hop, Be Bop, Don’t Stop
Star sign- Virgo
joined the crew in 1988 becoming one of the most coolest rappers in town. Inspired by early hip-hop culture, break dancing, body popping and non-violent rap battles, he was instantly attracted and felt at home with the unique and innovative style of Rapattack. He has always been a very thoughtful and spiritual person. Apart from being seriously into deep soulful music with feelings, he’s also qualified and a master practictioner in the art of Reiki (pronounced ray-key), which is a very powerful and popular natural complementary therapy. As a champion of the community has been providing workshops at Her Majesty’s Prisons for young offenders to rebuild their confidence and self esteem and also works for charity based organisations, counselling centres and structured day programmes, with people who are addicts or are affected by addiction to drugs or alcohol.
Hobbies: Music and travelling and being sensitive and thoughtful towards others.
Best Rapattack moments-   “Supporting Del a Soul at Brixton Academy, the gig in Hallenstadium (Zurich) where I got my first taste of serious vip treatment and the U.K. Dolcis dance mix tour. The best factor is all of the experience and the unbelievable amount of performing knowledge i’ve gained in all aspects of music by being around a working soundsystem, learning all the time at gigs”.
Favourite tunes of all time- “O’brian- Doin alright, Jeff Lorber- Think back and remember and Change- Lets go together. My favourite hip hop break is Tom Tom by Progression”.
Star sign- Aquarius
MC Valentino
a crew member since 1990, an integral member of the Rapattack (Crazy Larry/Wag Club)  Demolition Crew smashing down some serious lyrics with MC Bronx, Soulski, KG Demo, Problem Clild and MC Eric, with Master MC and Mixmaster Dee cutting popular tunes hard on the turntables. Has always been a galiss (womaniser) and manages to retain his image with the ever-changing “in crowd” on the fashion circuit and Central London’s club scene. Recently becoming a Muslim, he is a brilliant music producer who brings great sampling ideas to the team. He has a great singing and performing talent, which he underestimates and has always been reluctant to develop. He was born to be a star. Also happens to be an excellent MC and very very good dj, enjoying spinning commercial dance, drum and bass, house and oldskool hip hop.
Hobbies: Making music
Best Rapattack moments- Tuesdays at Crazy Larrys on the Kings Road, Chelsea- shacking out and entertaining the ‘Sloanies’ and meeting some incredibly beautiful and sophisticated women.
Favourite tune of all time- “Michael Jackson’s- Heartbreak Hotel and Teena Marie’s - I need your lovin'- that tune is just bad”.
Star sign-
Junior J 
joined Rapattack at inception and has since remained a dedicated/loyal and senior member of the crew, assisting with promotions and managing the technical operational aspects of setting up and breaking down of the soundsystem at live gigs. He occasionally spins at Rapattack gigs and is an avid music lover and former dancer, with a passion for funky vibes, fast cars and beautiful women, being responsible for promoting the gorgeous DJ Lady Misstify’s rise through the Rapattack ranks over the last few years.
Hobbies: d.iy. mechanics
Best club of all time- “Most definitely the WAG club when we played there and a place that always brings back sweet memories is that club Crackers. I use to bunk off school to go there”
Favourite tune of all time- Leo Sunship- Give me the Sunshine and that voice of Randy Crawford singing on the Crusaders hit- Street Life
Star sign- Cancer
MC Gary Oz
regularly stood in for Master MC as a Rapattack DJ from inception and was selected to be the Rapattack’s dj contracted to lead the european campaign in Greece and Italy (back in 1986/7). Talented and multi-skilled (an excellent body -popper back in the day), he has been responsible for producing some great artwork for flyers, alongside performing all of the operational duties required for a working soundsystem. He still highly rates Teddy Riley, Babyface and Jam/Lewis productions and was a champion DJ of the New Jack Swing. More recently, due to his excellent knowledge of music and the business, has been assisting Mellow Milt with the management and vocal training/ development plans of artistes. He’s currently researching for his forthcoming publication (a book on the art of DJ’ing) which includes tips and extracts from many well known UK jocks (past and present) throughout the UK.
Hobbies: Kick boxing, D.I.Y. and Languages.
Best Rapattack Moment: Doing the Rapattack gig at Hammersmith Palais with Steve Walsh, Tony Blackburn, Fat Freddie M and Tim Westwood.
Favourite tune of all time- “Howard Johnson- So Fine and when I was driving from the airport in New York hearing Chaka Khan’s- A’int Noboby for the first time, it just blew my mind”.
Star sign- Libra
MC JC 001
Joined Rapattack in 1985 and crowned as the fastest rapper in the world (631 syllables a minute) as featured in the 1993 Guinness Book Of Records. Has travelled all around the world performing lyrical poetry
supporting and recording with many established artistes including the JB’s and George Clinton and more recently has regularly toured with the Asian Dub Foundation.
Hobbies: “Computer games, especially my PS 3”.
Best Rapattack moment- “Up in Manchester in the late 80’s, when we went to battle that sound. They were playing house music and running up their mouths and thought they were clever by mixing in the ‘Coronation Street theme tune and then we played the ‘Eastenders’ theme back at them and I started beat boxing to it and they all just shut up. It was one-nil London and game over”.
Favourite tune of all time- Eric B and Rakim- Follow the leader
Star sign- Leo
for more info visit
one of the latest editions and hard working members of the Rapattack crew, joining in 2006. Alongside Junior J, Sam is invaluable in meeting the demanding tasks associated with Rapattack operations, particularly on Carnival days. He is simply loved, has a great sense of humour and a very big heart (nearly as big as his amazingly humongous appetite). When not frolicking around or bopping to the melodies emulating from the soundsystem, he remains to be a cool professional character. His dedication to work proved successful while being employed by the computer giants PC World where he became one of their top 100 salesmen in the country. This feat was rewarded and elevated  him to a position in management, where he undoubtedly excelled and within a short space of time was allocated to run one of their major northern stores. No doubt he's a people person, has a wicked personality with great team and leadership skills. After spending 7 years with PC world, it should come as no surprise that he was headhunted (can't keep a good man down) and now manages a team for one of the UK's substantial corporate brands. Always looking forward and up, Sam is just Sam- adorable, cool, pleasant, trendy and physical.
Hobbies: Football, Working out, Computer games and watching movies.
Best Rapattack Moment: Falling off the stage during peak time while dancing at Carnival 2006
Favourite tune of all time- “Damien Marley- Jam Rock".
Star sign- Cancer
“the Girlies”
She hates all of the preparations, stress, hard work and build up to gigs, as well as the financial and deadline driven pressure of having to find new ideas and sponsors for the Carnival showcase every year. She’s also responsible for tying up all the loose ends and making sure that working crew members and guests get fed and looked after and also to ensure that nobody gets too tanked up on champagne before they perform (that's if she’s not ‘off the trolly’ herself). That can be disastrous. “You wanna see just how many people out there are enjoying themselves, even the guy that didn’t change his underpants for 2 days last year. That’s gross and disgusting” she says. “Me and the girls always have a good laugh. Everyone’s just so happy. It’s unbelievable”. She prefers House and G, Rap, R’n’B and Ragga with big beats and wouldn’t  have a clue on how to spot a hit tune, even if it slapped her in the face.
Hobbies: Watching TV and spending quality time with her girlfriends and family.
Best club of all time- “Rapattack 'Sunday GASS Club' in the 1990's”.
Favourite tunes of all time- Kenny Burke- Rising to the Top and Alison Limerick- Where Love Lives
Star sign- Sagittarius
don’t mess I warn you. Loves soul R’n’B and Soca. Hates House & Garage music with a passion. A natural born organiser and if things don’t go the way that the're planned (you know the way they do), you’d better watch out. Hard and firm and not afraid to say things when they need to be said (excellent & necessary skills required to deal with fresh men trying out their lyrics at the bar).  Currently the financial manager for a famous hotel group.
Hobbies: Body combat, shopping and going to the gym.
Best Rapattack moment/club- New Years Eve at the Cumberland hotel (London) in 1998.
Favourite tune of all time- Mcfadden and Whitehead- Ain’t no stoppin us now
Star sign- Pisces
loves Rap and R’n’B and bumpin' dance music, alongside Jenny enjoys ravin and bitchin' about, as well as using hospitality skills at Rapattack events. Apart from being a Latino Senorita and bubbly person, she is a natural born spiritualist with powers traditionally having run in her family for years (some of us call her “The Witch”). She conducts tarot card readings (for a fee) with unbelievably accurate results, as can be testified by members of the crew, friends and clients alike. She has deep spiritual beliefs. Her perfect white teeth are the result of her full time post as a Dental Practice manager who enjoys dancin', (posin') and using the gym (sunbed) to retain that perfect tan. She’s still single and states that she’s still searching and waiting for the right man to come along.
Hobbies: Holidays in the sun, jet setting, spiritual healing and retail therapy (shopping).
Favourite tune of all time-  Roy Davis Junior’s- Gabrielle
Star sign- Cancer
‘mumsy’, bubbly, dedicated and always around when we need help. She’s an absolute lifesaver (in more ways than one). Literally speaking- her credentials just speak for themselves- Diploma of H.E. in Nursing, Intensive Care specialist and Mentorship in Practice. Currently studying for a degree in Critical Care Nursing. No doubt she’s fully qualified and has earned her status as a staff nurse, which is handy to have around when in need of some first aid. When she’s not being serious, she loves having fun, joking about and listening to her favourite tunes in her ride.
Hobbies: Cooking, studying, going out with friends and spending time with the kids.
Best Rapattack moment/club- Carnival 2007/"World Dance, that massive Drum and Bass gig in Milton Keynes (1995)".
Favourite tunes- Gloria Gaynor- I will survive and Destinys Child- No Scrubs.
Star sign- Cancer
the homely girl. Loves proper Soul, Rare Grooves and R’n’B music goin’ way back. Enjoys performing the administration duties, managing the mailing and guest lists and occasional bar duties, as well as assisting with interior decor at live events. Full of life and well capable of looking after herself, having the excellent and firm hospitality skills needed for the job, she continues to be a good ambassador and hostess and is adored by all of the crew.
Hobbies: Listening to music.
Best Rapattack gig: The Jean Carne and Billy Paul (Philadelphia All Stars) concert at Hammersmith’s Poo Na Na in 2000.
Favourite tune of all time- Melissa Morgan’s- Fool’s Paradise
Star sign- Gemini
an up and coming talent with a diverse musical taste and knowledge for her young age. An amateur dancer, winning many Ballroom and Latin American trophies in her hometown of Leicester and eventually going on to teach dance before deciding to enrol at Nottingham University to study for a Performing Arts degree. Graduating in 2003, she seems to excel in everything she does (and all this before the age of 21). She has an original and beautiful singing voice and performed live at Rapattack’s Notting Hill Carnival showcase or the first time in 2002. Always goes down a storm and has a great image. We expect her to go far- very very far. She’s currently using her experience and skills acquired academically to manage a customer service centre for a major high street brand.
Hobbies: Loves clubbing and holidays (and spending loads of money on clothes).
Best Rapattack moment/club- Carnival 2002 and clubbing in Ibiza (2003).
Favourite tunes- Joy.  Wayne Farrell- Frontin and Jill Scott’ first album.
Star sign- Sagittarius
Mellow Milt
(aka the technician)
Co founder and executive decision maker with a great business brain, having to deal with what can only be described as challenging ‘artiste’s mentality’ for nearly 3 decades. Always keeping a cool head and happens to be a skilled handyman (having built Rapattack’s first 15” scoop type Bass cabinets back in 1984). He’s a graduate in service engineering, he’s patient, well organised and a natural born problem solver. With a valued opinion and respected by all those around him, he’s responsible for the overall co-ordination and management of all Rapattack affairs including music production. Currently managing some of the UK’s most talented and up and coming singers, song writers and producers and continually upgrading Rapattack’s recording studio after having built it at his London residence. He simply loves the recording side and has learned all aspects of the studio engineering process over the years and continues to be dedicated to elevating the British urban music cause, often reminding the crew that they are only as good as their final product. “We’ve got to keep banging our tunes out there if we want to survive. It’s my job to make sure that’s done” he says”.
Hobbies: Cooking, playing snooker and travelling.
Best Rapattack moment/club- Selling out the Hammersmith Palais within 5 days on our own and without supporting acts or guest dj’s.
Favourite singers- Bobby Womack, the Chi-Lites, Mary J Blige and R. Kelly.
Best Album- The Sound of Blackness’s album- Africa to America 
Star sign- Taurus
the headstrong and most wickedly, naturally talented singer, songwriter and producer (yes he exceeds in all these areas). Has worked as a full time producer for the Rapattack stable and always has loads of personal projects on the go (yeah- both types), enjoying excellent reviews for the R’n’B hit (Esdee’s- Your Lovin featuring Iceberg Slimm) on Rapattack’s independent A.K.O label. He understands the elements of most musical styles and has been making serious tunes for over 15 years, working with the French artist ‘Misty’, ‘Manu Dibango’, ‘Javine’ (representing GB for 2005 Eurovision Song Contest) and the likes of ‘A Guy called Gerald’ along the way.
Hobbies: “Computers and going out to funky places in this great city”.
Best club of all time- The Roof Garden in High Street Kensington and Emporium on Carnaby Street when it used to be fire-ing.
Favourite tune of all time- Jermaine Jackson- You like me don’t you
What would we do without him. An excellent organiser who has this way of being able to manage soundsystem set up and breakdown operations more efficiently than anyone else (and it’s not even his job). Reliable, dependable and vigilant. Able to think quickly on his feet as well as continually and regularly using his invaluable d.i.y. skills to save the day. An ex super bike racer with a passion for pets (and a bodyguard rotweiler named Satan). He loves champagne, beautiful women (most especially and always will love his mum who was a great, great and extraordinarily spectacular, kind woman who we all surely do miss).   This homeboy regularly jetsets to the South of France and other places (lucky devil) bringing his super bike with him. Always is secure, firm and fair when dealing with people in his capacity as head of Rapattack security and often supervises the security team and doormen at gigs. Always looks out for members of the crew and is great to have around. Loved by the women and their friends (often acting as agony aunt) and accompanying them on girls night’s out clubbing, to ensure that they can all get “tanked up” without fear of being molested by dodgy men.
Hobbies: Fast customised motorbikes and his Ferrari, his inventions, urban music from the 70’s to the present day and fit women of course”
Best club of all time- Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s in the 70’s and Rapattacks’ residency at the Wag Club on Thursdays in the 90’s.
Favourite tunes of all time- “Mellow Mellow by ‘Lowrell’ and the ‘Commodores’- Easy with ‘Lionel Ritchies’ wicked vocal and ‘George Benson’s’- ‘In flight’ album is absolutely wicked”.
Star sign- Scorpio
Contact us-
  if you need qualified personnel and a friendly, reliable, security service for any purpose (at a price that you can afford).
with his company S.J.S security has been providing security services,  for artists & Rapattack home events including the Notting Hill Carnival for many years. He also is a well known provider of close protection V.I.P. services and security teams to protect international artists from their arrival to departure while in the UK on tour.
His credits include Dionne Warwick, Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy and Ja Rule, Ziggy Marley and Bon Jovi to name a few.
No job too big, no job too small. Contact us if you need qualified personnel and a friendly, reliable, security service for any purpose (at a price that you can afford).
Kevy Kev the Cameraman
originally the key member of the promotion team in the mid 1980’s and was invaluable at achieving Rapattack’s rise to fame, spending many hours ensuring that flyers and promotional literature were distributed at London's Underground tube stations, as well as every major outlet and trendy shops Londonwide. In particular also worked during the late and unsociable club closing hours, which was one of the best ways to network at the time. He has since gained a BA Hons. degree in Communication and Audio Visual Production after attending London Guildhall University and now provides professional (mini dv) camera and photography services for private functions and weddings, as well as corporate clients and major events (not to mention music videos). He’s well worth his weight in gold and comes highly recommended.
Hobbies: Circuit training and playing badminton, travelling, playing chess, directing movies and producing music videos.
Best club of all time- “Our residency at the spiritual Acklam Hall and the first big warehouse party with over 5000 people at Oliver Toms”.
Favourite tune of all time- The Blackbyrds- Walking in Rhythm and Retta Young’s- Sending out an SOS.
Star sign- Scorpio 
youngblood- fun lovin' and the youngest member of the crew, joining in 2000 as a multimedia specialist, responsible for this web site design, as well as enjoying applying his I.T. and digital tech skills for Rapattack projects and having a hands on approach, assisting with live soundsystem operations. He experimented and introduced Final Scratch Pro (Stanton’s digital & virtual record imitating technology using MP3), which links the physical Technics SL1200 turntable to a lap top computer, from where stored tunes can be accessed and played using virtual vinyl on the turntable, eliminating the use of conventional records. It’s amazing and has to be seen to be believed.  Graduated (2004) from Nottingham University with honours in Computer Science. His expertise in computing technology is currently rewarding him with work afar field as New Zealand and Dubai and no doubt, he’s earning the bucks and having loads of fun.
Hobbies: “Computers of course, mixing the decks and getting pissed”.
Favourite tune of all time- Dr Dre- Ain’t nothing but a G Thang
Star sign- Libra

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