2016 After Carnival Report

To round off another fantastic English summer, this years Rapattack Showcase at Notting Hill Carnival continues to remain a jewel in the crown for British cultural entertainment. Each and every year this magnificent sound system proves to be a huge success drawing in the one of the biggest followings in all the Carnival.  

Each year the multi-cultural crowd just gets bigger.

It's a delight to see so many new faces mixed in with the regulars"

Funki-Fresh Productions (2016)


2016 AFTER


The inclement weather on Saturday was not going to dampen the spirit of the Rapattack production team along with Master MC and the experienced Rapattack road crew, most of whom have been setting up Rapattack rigs across the country for decades. Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine was the glorious forecast for the weekend and sure enough this backdrop added more excitement to the preparations. However, with 30+ years of Carnival experience Rapattack had confidence and no doubt in their ability to draw in the crowds even if a forecast of rain had been on the cards. Other systems cannot be so confident.

The sound setup of the 50k rig and other production schedules went fairly smoothly and to plan. As far as the weather was concerned the predictions were unusually correct.  In actual fact, Carnival Sunday proved to be a magnificent and most glorious day, which was surprisingly well attended from the off. Fortunately with a boozy weekend in mind, there was the usual contingent of Rapattack staff on hand to assist the gorgeous K8 and Mellow Milt set up the new-look licensed bar. We believe that this was the best looking Rapattack bar ever, brilliant and exclusive in its bespoke  design. Absolutely magnificent.  No doubt that the trio of fresh and funky players for this years Carnival production were thoroughly impressed, even-more-so because the bar was kitted out with various merchandising and other elements of their regalia. Most prominent of these were that of the Original Sailor Jerry rum company on which the bar was themed and further complimented by Russian Standard Vodka and Tia Maria who also assisted in supporting the Rapattack sound system this year (more details/photos below).

Commencement of the festivities began around mid-day on the Sunday and those fortunate enough to have VIP area passes were given the full monty treatment. No doubt as Chaka Khan would say “Ain’t Nobody” was going to get thirsty on Rapattack Carnival days. With an endless supply of drinks, things could only get better. The Rapattack production team, this year spearheaded by the charming k8 (below) were excellent in working extremely hard to create the ultimate partnership, liaising with all players in the strive for perfection. "As far as Rapattack at Carnival goes second best will never ever do".

The official warm up turned out to be sensational and mind-blowin as the showcase became busier and busier by the second. The session kicked off with a surprise local guest dj (DJ Errol) spinning an introductory array of oldskool house music on vinyl recordings. These emanated warmly and sweetly from the Rapattack 50,000 watt powerhouse. However, there soon was a hiccup. Around 3 pm, it was announced that the DJ mixing desk had to be replaced due to a fault. Nevertheless, this distraction was dealt with professionally, with quickness and efficiency.

Following the short interlude, the showcase really took off and everybody continued to bubble when Rapttacks' own MC Bronx surprisingly took to the decks, touching down some hard- beat dropping ensembles and ending up with some adorable sing-along party vibes.  The most memorable of these being Tom Browne's-  "Funkin for Jamaica " and Bill Wither's- "Lovely Day".  As for DJ Ricky, he was sorely missed this year. Being chair and principal director of all soundsystems at Carnival sometimes has its pitfalls on Carnival Days. Unfortunately on this occasion he had no option but to vacate the Rapattack site on urgent logistical business with the police and carnival organisers. 

With the usual array of beautiful girls and handsome guys flaunting what this year turned out to be a wide assortment of designer wear, as no particular one brand could be singled out, DJ Master MC later to the wheels (turntables), vibeing up the crowd with some pleasant and touching renditions. Starting off with that such garage grooves as Fish Go Deeps- "The Cure & The Cause" then progressing to rock the crowd severely, playing a cross section of oldskool classics which again emanated the Rapattack flavour and gave the revellers a taste of what Rapattack is all about. No doubt, the Master smashed it. He definitely yet again touched the hearts (and souls) of Sunday ravers whose faces shone with delight as loud oohs of appreciation echoed throughout the capacity filled site. He played a serious beat droppin' selection of real soul golden oldies that haven't been heard for ages-  from Michael Jackson's--  “Blues Away” to Anita Baker's “Feel the Need”, "See me" from the great Luther Vandross and lots more!!!!!!!!!. Check out the DJ playlist as the variety of quality tunes just speak volumes for themselves. Awesome or what?  The atmosphere was just terrific and you have to give credit to the quality of DJ’ing experienced and the warm friendly vibes  of this wonderful crowd, many who return to the spot year after year.

The back stage shenanigans and arrivals of the odd celebrity contributed to the whole saga and obviously added spectacle, colour, turning heads and bringing true Carnival spirit to the Rapattack stage over the 2 days.

    "Rapattack... totally professional and awesome...

the perfect partnership"

                          Ben Kendall - Red Bull Marketing

The Carnival Sunday turned out to be one of the busiest ever at the Rapattack site and we all know that there's nothing quite like a bit of sunshine to help lift the spirit.  Rapattack especially gives credit to all of the young people who attended on this traditional children's day.

These were mostly good natured and extremely very well behaved youngsters. As usual, it was great to see as many as 3 generations of family members in attendance and even more pleasing, the VIP enclosure's community liaison played host to a bunch of kids with learning difficulties, together with catering for those with disabilities over the 2 days. From an audiences prospective, this year many will have observed the VIP area being a little more busy than usual, alongside additional security measures such as Metropolitan Police observation posts on site.  The former was to accommodate the public space that was commandeered by the latter to enable increased security in light of recent worldwide events.  It is more than reassuring to have the Metropolitan Police as partners for the Carnival event and also proves that the Rapattack site is well managed and always one of the safest places to be.




The usual array of cameras and journalists were lurking about resulting in both TV and radio exposure, some aired live on the days via London Live and national ITN news, the BBC and other European networks. This year also saw a record number of videos from both private and commercial sources being posted on YouTube and social media.

some selected selected links below:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?  highlights from kick-off and throughout the day 


Anyway, moving on……..

For the second year in succession, the bubblers were a little cautious in coming out early as Monday morning turned out to be quite grey and gloomy. And yes, their instincts proved to be well-grounded as a light drizzle at midday was the obstacle which threatened what indeed turned out to be another unpredictable English day- which in this case was blessed with glorious sunshine. No doubt that the early afternoon session appeared to kick off more slowly than usual, but within the hour as you all can guess, things were properly heaving.  Everybody ad everything was up to speed. It’s always so pleasing to see those crowds relishing the occasion with their smiling faces beaming year after year. 

The following morning Angela White's Facebook feed commented:

“...I've been going to Carnival now for 30 years and still love it

like it's my first time going J amazing weekend with Rapattack!


Let’s not forget that this year it was all about that fresh link-up with the trio of new players who proudly supported the official Rapattack showcase as Carnival Sponsors for 2016). 

In true British spirit they certainly created an impact. The Rapattack Team also brought additional value to site aesthetics by commissioning talented local teenage artist (Sarah M) to produce some great artworks for the chalk boards and bar frontage.

This year RAPATTACK pulled no punches when it came to the presentation of what evidently can be described as one of the freshest V.I.P  area  setups at Carnival in the last decade.  This area was simply decorated stylishly, with an array of silver tables, silver chairs and an enormous slick green parasol, together other monumental fixtures for the occasion. However, it has to be noted that the VIP area was a little more crowded than expected due to the success of blaggers who managed to chirp their way in unofficially over the 2 days. "Oh well...  you always get a few and this obviously means that security arrangements for next year will tighten up dramatically". Also, we mustn't forget the classy Rapattack street banners that spruced up the bar area, the DJ booth and performance stages. These sexy backdrops added to complete that clean and polished look, helping to send Rapattacks' messages of peace, love and harmony across very very well. Respect is due to the designers.

Both days were absolutely amazing and Carnival 2016 most definitely will be a hard act to follow. But enough about that for now, let’s get right back to business.


Bank Holiday Monday also saw the Rapattack DJ the helm spinning the wheels for a bumper set. The multicultural audience were well in their element this year, smooching and funkin' down to early afternoon grooves consisting chiefly of 4 to the floor and 2-step British and US garage and Housey type grooves. Gems by Evelyn Champagne King, Soul II Soul, James Brown (the Godfather) and namesake Joycelyn Brown, Shaun Christopher,  Mica Paris, Earth Wind and Fire, Betty Wright etc., etc., etc., were flung down back to back in an uninterupted format-  in fact there were far too many good tunes to mention and the crowd were just 'lovin it'.

Although graced with her presence Rapattack’s female DJ Lady Misstify surprisingly took to the sidelines this year. When she's around, it's always a pleasure and people certainly know what to expect. Hard-hitting and thumping sounds with big beats and phat bass-lines, bumping and uplifting- quality house and garage extravaganzas that the younger members of the audience always clearly seemed to relish (although it must be noted that the older bods love it equally as much, but in a more reserved way). However, the crowd were not left disappointed because Rapattack had the whole place bubbling with a prolonged set of Bumpin grooves and believe you me when I say champagne corks were just poppin' and left, right and centre throughout the entire site. The Master MC  also shocked everybody this year by laying down a H & G set supported by special guest MC DT (photographed below) who together with the host of Rapattack MC’s present played a fundamental part in hyping up the crowd. Unrehearsed freestyle lyrical sessions harmoniously blended with earth-shattering b-lines as the MC's  generated a true Carnival party atmosphere in expressing themselves and no doubt their humour came across merrily and was well received. Even more merry were those out there in the crowd bubbling with their complimentary Tia Maria cocktails and shots of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum that were being offered and poured out directly from the performance stage by both the MC DT, MC Bronx and one of the sexy Rapattack hostesses.

Meanwhile, somewhere and somehow in the VIP enclosure, one of Rapattacks’ key supporters (Mr Roundtree aka Mark) own managed to sneak in a couple of cases of the finest champagne which kindly he left on tap, available to all back-stage guests and those who were invited to celebrate his occasion. Many happy returns Roundtree. 

The Rapattack MC’s present this year included the main men Bronx  who took centre stage and provided a commanding performance of lyrical professionalism while perched within the soundsystem’s huge front of house speakers. This year he managed to drum in the universal message of “peace, love and harmony at Carnival on the streets of Ladbroke Grove". It never ceases to amaze us all that he never runs out of anything to say. Anyhow, he graced the stage and lifted the crowd to the highest of highs, seemingly making easy work to the art of engaging them with audience participation while the 'Master' spun the decks in the final party jamdown, which was an especially magical and sexy set.

(Oli- Oli - Oli.  Oy- Oy- Oy cd's available soon).

The highlight of the event must surely have been when the audience were totally blown away by astonishing live Carnival performances from a couple of talented youngsters. ‘Seeing is believing’ and these young local talents bring a fresh taste of the future. 100% sensational and having the persona that usually comes with experience and only commonly observed  in professionals. It's just a matter of time before these blow up. So be very proud youngbloods. Big up Artist "Young Caz" (pictured left) & Blazer absolutely wicked.


Click below to view video and highlightsg

absolutely wicked  !!!


As for the DJ Master MC-  He sure does have some energy. Having been on site to organise operations from 9am Saturday morning until 4.am on Sunday preparing the system, he still had enough gas to be boppin' around the site all day long on both Carnival days. Just don’t know how he does it- working ever so hard monitoring and fine tuning the 50 kilowatt soundsystem which I have to say, sounded crisp and magnificent (another Rapattack© ‘trademark’). All in all Carnival was highly entertaining. Superb, ecstatic and mind-blowing- to say the least. Whistles, foghorns and vocal chords erupted from every angle of the packed solid street and even through the open windows of neighbouring properties, you could see people jamming and rocking while the Rapattack tore the house down. The delivery of tracks from the likes of Prince, Chaka Khan, Chubb Rock, Kool & the Gang, Janet Kay, Barry White ect., was perfect (see the Master MC's playlist), putting the finishing touches on what turned out to be a great and fully entertaining day.

Not gonna forget Carnival 2016 in a hurry folks!!!!!. The grand finale was brilliant.  This definitely is what the doctor ordered and is what people come down to the site for year after year for- to tune in to what Rapattack regulars describe as the DJ Master MC’s ‘musical ecstasy’ or ‘grand groove’. More simply put, this is soul and dance music, organised and delivered with quality and in a format that many have tried to reproduce but have failed miserably to perfect. This style is unique.

Lurking towards the back of the site (in close proximity to the speaker stacks), we spoke to those who expressed their praises and could remember when the Master MC used to control the Rapattack decks exclusively, DJ’ing single-handedly at Carnival from start to finish. In such pioneering days his Carnival sets represented Rapattack at their prime in producing some amazingly revolutionary and memorable sets, with mixes that are commonly talked about by punters and will be remembered by the music industry forever. For many, the Master MC and Rapattack are synonymous.  Being an observer of his work and the technical abilities he exerted in ensuring that this particular street party ran like a well oiled machine, I can understand why it is that so many have reached such a conclusion.  However, I beg to differ on the synonymous issue, but what is true though, is that Rapattack have a great and dedicated team and fantasic DJ's. The verdict, without a shadow of a doubt, is that the Master MC continues to uphold his reputation as being ‘the great ‘Rapattack DJ’ that everybody describes.

Once the music was over, a multitude of  happy onlookers applauded the dj's, sponsors and organisers. The atmosphere was still thriving, with foghorns and whistles continuing on for some time into the night. This was a day of peace, love and unity and like Rapattack always say, 'music must surely be the key'. There were loads of smiling faces. Oh Yes. Oh Yes indeed...   and for those that still have yet to taste the flavour- Let me assure you that once you have experienced Rapattack at Carnival- you will be undeniably hooked.

"Rapattack ... truly is wonderful carnival experience".

Andy Huntley William Grant & Sons

Development Executive Manager (2016)


Closing words

People always seem to forget that for a working soundsystem, the end of a gig is just the beginning of the end for the soundsystem’s crew team members. Carnival 2016 did not differ in this respect. After Carnival is over, the Master MC still yet had to organise and personally assist with the dismantling of the massive soundsystem and stages. Much later at night after the crowds had gone, the 'Rapattack crew' get busy. The soundsystem itself and GHOST Vodka property then has to be collected, loaded onto 4 trucks and delivered back to their respective storage units.

The many heavy and precious boxes of vinyl travels in a separate vehicle, closely escorted and guarded like gold bullion (and probably weighing just as much) until they reached their final destination. Unloading of equipment at various locations continues throughout the night and with rental vehicles, props and other materials having to be returned, a tight deadline ensured that the Rapattack crew are well occupied right up until work is completed, which on this occasion was at around 10 am on the Tuesday morning.


The Carnival saga was caught on camera by the one and only K8 (the AV technical design and filming specialist) who was never too far away from the action. Stressful work I guess (but somebody's got to do it), particularly having to deal with the continual cries of both men & women repeating- "film me, film me", all day long. In the spirit of not coming across as being ignorant, they were not ignored. Well done K8. There was loads going on and it was proper happening. The champagne and birthday parties in the VIP area, the themed superhero dancing ladies (looking good), break-dancers and percussionists on the street, plus the antics of the crowd naturally, left K8 with more than enough to do.

CD’s and DVD’s of the Rapattack Carnival showcase and DJ sets are AVAILABLE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! click here for details 

Our indicators suggested that a minimum of 25,000 people visited the Rapattack site on both days with many more just passing through. There was an over average and unusually high volume of interest from the media this year, with interviews and filming from various TV and radio production companies including BBC London, BBC 1xtra and Channel 4.-

My my my my, what a terrific and fantastic Carnival.

Once again London's Rapattack Soul Sound certainly did smash it up this year"

Funki-Fresh Productions (2016)



We would like to thank our sponsors...

William Grant & Sons-  for having faith and the vision in seeking a great opportunity. For their support, dedication and effort in supplying the sponsored alcohol,bar merchandise and other seriously important duties for the bar. A very special thank you goes out to the main man Andy Huntley. Job well done Sir. Merci merci beaucoup.

Arbrus Gallery-   Mr Sandy and his lovely wife Anna. For providing what proved to be the essential back-up power for the Sound system to perform on both of the Carnival Days. Thank you very much. Your time and support was well appreciated.

iKatie-   Filming and hospitality. Big up K8 and the iKatie crew for services rendered to both Rapattack and the sponsors. Also by ensuring that the VIP guest area was operated to a high standard, 'doin it fluid' whilst catering for the every need of the celebrities and corporate guests. Well done guys-  You were great . Also for doing a incredible job by ensuring that things ran extremely smoothly on both days. Peace & love guys-------- and yes "that recommendation sounds brill". Well done and thanks again.

Ben Harris- second to none in performing a smooth operating and superbly efficient bar service. Bottoms up and cheers.

Italian Restaurant-   for your kind nature and providing the ablutions.

FFP-   for supplying the crowd with additional whistles and foghorns

SUSD-   for again letting us have the run of their design studio and accessing electricity from the fuse box to spark up the Rapattack Mix Machine. -special thanks to the world famous designer Tom Dixon and director Peter Harris whose quote will forever remain with us-

“We didn’t realise how so well organised and                  professional Rapattack are” (2006)      


Big up to all the celebrities who came down and a special shout to the premiership footballers incognito for passing through (yes we did notice the glasses and hoodies that added to the camouflage). Shout out to all of the DJ's, Radio presenters and musicians who took time out spent yet another Carnival Monday afternoon bubbling back-stage with the crew. Special Rapattack respect going out to BBC London and the radio crew from London Live, not forgetting the journalists who did the interviews, broadcasted nationally on the day and now can be accessed online. Last but not least, a very special thank you to the residents of All Saints Road and to those of you out there who attended and contributed towards making the days extra special. All the dj’s, live acts and everybody backstage in the VIP enclosure, not forgetting praises to the efficiency of the crew and RPK security. You’ve all done it again.

PS- Special praises to the one and only Junior J who performed above and beyond his duty this year and without whom this year's event would not have run even half as smoothly.

Also to K8 who was again outstanding, proving that she is a valuable asset and much loved by all back stage, on account of hospitality and networking duties.

Once again--- Thank you all so very very much.

Funki-Fresh Productions



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Thanks Rapattack for an amazing party yesterday ... Thanks to the Rapattack people and all the men and women surrounding them for being soooo nice... soo welcoming ... warm and loving.. to a couple of "strangers" .. ... We had a great time...


Joan Koberg


Vraiment trčs bon ! Le funk comme on aime . Thanx a lot !

Mad Jagger


Loved it this year . U guys are fantastic as ever .

Do u have cds available?

Jan Broom


Yeah man...  All those Different skin colours dancing 2gether!!, Big Up Rudies/Rudettes


Damian Desir


For my friends @Rapattack Sound System, and to original street promotion team RONNIE & CHEDDA!   Carnival was heavy.

Moxem Savio St Louis


Hi Rapattack
U guys killed it at carnival. It was wicked.


Shy Shy Es


Hey Rapattack

You played an awesome set on Monday. You are still one of the best soul DJ's in this country.

Martin BCP


Hi to all rapattack dj's      

I Angela have been going to carnival now for about 25yrs and every time I'm there I go to rapattack and every year is just gets better. The music is just having it- pumping out from the best sound system around carnival. I would not know where to go if rapattack sound system was not there, so you could call me a rapattack girl and always will be as long as rapattack dj's are there with me. I love the old school thing and what you lot do cos you know when 2 mix them good sounds in. I always tell everybody when going carnival to make sure you and all the family get 2 rapattack or your carnival will not be complete...., take it from a big RAPATTACK lady that has been going 25yrs and come from Essex ,,,,,


Love you all from Angela 



Please send me info on where your parties will be.



Hey Mr DJ

I meet you at the Carnival on Sunday, I got a Card from you, but the reason why i am emailing you is because i just remembered that tune I was trying to sing to ya.  It was by Advance - Take me to the top, Just wanted you to know. Thanks for trying to figure it out.

Keep up the Good work




You guys are shit hot. Please send a cd list and prices please. Thank you



Hello there

I was at carnival and it was wicked. My friends and I had a great time and you lot brought back loads of memories with the blasts from the past. Please can you add me to your mailing list. Top marks guys and keep up the good work.



Hi there,

Can you please forward me a list of available tapes & CDs and cost of posting to Aus. I am desperate to get my hands on some good music, really hoping you have some live carnival sessions available!




Hi Rapattack

Please could you let me know what/where the next event will be held.
I had an excellent time at carnival



Hi Dj’s

I'm really looking forward to hearing Rapattack play out and am very pleased to know that you’re at the BLAG club and I'm not sure how to get to there, but will find out!!

My sister and I were at the Carnival this year and found your spot by accident. The music was good, and just as we were thinking of going elsewhere "Buttercup" came on the system. It was such an unexpected blast from the past, we just started rocking! I looked around and saw that everybody was moving: people were smiling; looking up the sky; looking down at the ground; eyes open; eyes closed; just enjoying the groove - that was such a brilliant moment - I didn't want it to end!

That's when I thought I have to have more. Had to find out where you play so I can get some friends to come with me to check out of your sounds.

Anyway, better go now. Take care.



Hi Rapattack

Please, please, please can you send me some off your Cd's/DVD's.
Originally a Wandsworth Boy, I have been with you from the beginning, going to your dances when I was a 16 and always sought you out at "Carnival".
However,  I left the UK in 1992 to live in NZ and the music ain't the same..  I still have tapes that I made from the 80's, live dances
etc. but the quality is really gone and they are so precious to me now I
don't play them. Obviously the internet is a great place to source some CD's but I have had no luck trying to find any of your stuff. No-one does it like you guys. Rapattack is, always was, and always will be, the greatest Soul Sound, PERIOD!

A deprived rapattack lover

Karim Aliani


Hi there

I came to All Saints Road on Monday and I had a really great time, particularly the last set.  It finished much too early...never mind. I asked one of the crew where do you normally play and he said the Blag Club in London. Can you tell me which nights you are there and any other venues that you play at.

many thanks



Hi there, 
Just like to say how much I enjoyed your soundsystem on the Carnival Monday. I loved all of the tunes you played once I arrived, around 4pmish till 7pm. I just want to know one thing - you played a Cameo track and it was dope. If you can think of what it was, or any Cameo joints you played that day, please mail me. 
Again, respect for an enjoyable day 

Darren Metcalfe 


I am a devoted visitor to the Rapattack sound every year at carnival and have never been lucky enough to have one of your live CD's! Is there any chance you could send me one this year?. I go to your sound at Carnival every year and love it! Massive 80's soul girl! Please let me know how/where I can get your CD's and find out about any future dates and venues you are playing at.

Looking forward to another slamming year!


Kate Silvain


Hi Rap Attack
What events have you got plan for the rest for the forth coming months, we need to be there.
Lady Sylvia


I have been following you guys at Carnival for the last two years (and will never look back at another sound) ha ha.
Can't wait for it to happen again!!
Can I join your mailing list so that I can come to future events etc etc.


DJ Master MC's opening Funky Classics Mastermix
Carnival Sunday 2016

1.  It’s A Love Thing - Whispers

2.  James Brown - Sex Machine

3.  AM/FM - You Are The One

4.  Shalamar - Night To Remember

5.  Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It

6.  Cameo - Single Life

7.  Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces

8.  Kenny Burke - Rising To The Top

9.  Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long

10. Jean Carne - Don't Let It Go To Your Head

11. Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park

12. Evelyn King - Love Come Down

13. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

14. Ashford & Simpson - Don't Cost You Nothing

15. Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman

16. S.O.S. Band - The Finest

17. Positive Force - We Got The Funk

18. Banbarra - Shack Up

19. Maceo & The Macks - Across The Tracks


DJ Master MC’s Opening Playlist

Carnival Monday 2016
1.   I Wonder - Luther Vandross

   “Sound system Check”

2.   Go Away Little Boy – Marlena Shaw
3.   I Hear Music In The Streets – Unlimited Touch
4.   Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen McRae
5.   To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn
6.   So Different – Kinky Foxx
7.   Catch The Beat – T Ski Valley
8.   I Love Music – O’ Jays
9.   It’s A Love Thing - Whispers

10. James Brown - Sex Machine

11. Touch Me – Fonda Rae
12. You Know How to Love Me – Phyllis Hyman


DJ Master MC-

the closing ‘Funki-Fresh' Party Jamdown

Carnival Monday 2016
McFadden & Whitehead - Aint No Stoppin Us Now

2.   Joyce Simms - All 'n' All
3.   Royal Delight -  Freak 4 You (instrumental)
4.   Aleem (Leroy Burgess) - Get Loose
5.   Cheryl Lynn – Encore
6.   Mac Band – Rose are Red

7.   Nelly (Rapattack mastermix) – Hot
8.   ODB - Got Ya Money
9.   Arnies Love - I Figure I'm Out of Your Life
10. Karyn White - The Way You Love Me

11. Active Force – Give Me Your Love
12. Carl Anderson - Buttercup

13. Controllers – Stay

      “Rapattack DJ-MC crew on the live cut/scratch/rap mix”

14. René and Angela - Secret Rendezvous

15. Arrested Development – Everyday People

16. After Seven – Cant Stop

17. Kenny Burke – Rising to the Top

      “calls for the rewind- Bronx hypes up the crowd”

18. Hues Corporation – Rock the Boat

19. Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing

20. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

21. The Intruders – I'll Always Love My Mama

22. Juicy – Sugar Free

23. Miles Jaye – Lets Start Over

24. Leo Sunshipp – Give Me The Sunshine

25. Howard Johnson - Keepin Love New

26. Odyssey – Don't Tell Me Tell Her

27. Evelyn Champagne King – I'm in Love

28. Gwen McCrae – All this love that I'm Givin

29. The Whispers – It's a Love Thing

30. Luther Vandross – I Wanted your Love

31. Stevie Wonder - Do I Do

32. Stevie Wonder - Love Light In Flight

33. SOS Band - High Hopes

34. The Whispers - And The Beat goes On

35. Crucial Lovers Rock selections -

     Alton Ellis - Too late To Turn Back Now

36. Louisa Marks - Keep It Like it Is

37. Jean Adebambo - Paradise

38. Classis Soul selections -

      Dramatics - What You See Is What you Get

39. Starvue - Body Fusion

40. Love Unlimited - If You Want Me Say

41. Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze

42. Closing Track (click here to watch video)

     Michael Jackson - Off The Wall


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