The Speaker Boxes...
& Powerhouse

This page informs us about the equipment used by Rapattack Carnival set up. Believe us when we tell you that the Rapattack Sound System sounds real sweet. 50000watts, 100% quality analogue, crystal clear reproduction. 100% oldschool. Strictly for audiophiles.
You've got to hear it to believe it.

Main Carnival Speaker Stacks...

The Main Speaker stacks... 
2 stacks each consisting of:
4 x 18" ASS Bass Horns (bottom) 
2 x Martin 115 Mid-Bass Horns 
2 x Martin Audio Phillishave Midrange with phase bung
1 x JBL Acoustic Lens fitted with 1 x 2" driver + 2 x bullets
1 x JBL 2" Mega Horn 
2 x Fane Bullets

Back in the days...

Speakers in same position as above photo (Carnival 2004). 
(note how much the tree behind has grown)

4 x Scoop type Bass units loaded with Fane 18" XB drivers
1 x Turbosound Double 15' Kick
1 x Martin Audio 12" Phillishave Midrange unit
1 x 12" ATC Midrange flair
1 x JBL 2" Horn 

The Main ..

Here's a better view of the main (left) stack.

Classic 1980s PA Stack

100% 0ldschool. Still in use today. Positioned directly facing the DJ Stage on the opposite side of the Road (for easy and precice monitoring of the front of house street area).

4 x Turbosound 118 loaded with Cerwin Vega Earthquake 18" Bass 
2 x 12" ATC Midrange flair
1 x JBL 2" Horn 
Also often adding 2 x Fane Bullets at the top.

Stage Stack

2 stacks (1 either side of DJ)
Front of house each consisting of:
2 x 18" ASS Bass Horns (bottom)
2 x Martin 115 Mid-Bass Horns
2 x 12" ATC Midrange f
1 x JBL 1" Horn
(2 x Fane Bullets)

The Powerhouse

When it comes to sound quality, cutting the corners will not do. 
We only use the best in authentic analogue engineering. 
This photo highlights the statement.  
This is 1 of the 2 stacks of amplifiers.
There are more amplifiers out of view above the graphic equaliser.

Amplifiers by Crown and Peavey. 
We have a selection of: 
Crown 5000VZ
Crown 3600VZ
Crown 2400MA
Crown 1200MA
Crown   600MA
Peavey PV 2600 
Studiomaster 1200D 

Outboard shows: 
Classic Pro Audio Equaliser PA 14
BSS FDS360 analogue crossover/limiter

More amplification

Another view of an amplifier set up for test. 
This photo slightly differs from the previous.
Additionally displaying: 
2 x BSS FDS360 analogue crossover/limiter
1 Yamaha graphic equaliser

The Mix-machines...

4 x Technics SL1200 Mk 2 Turntables wth Stanton 680 Cartridges
1 x Soundcraft D-mix 500 mixer or alternatively Urei 1605 DJ mixer
2 x Electrovoice SXA360 active DJ monitors

In this photo the stage stacks also additionally include
4 x OHM TRS-218 (2 x 18") Bass units 

In the music studio no1. and for broadcasting

2 x Technics 1200 LTD Gold-plated decks wth Stanton 680 Cartridges
1 x  Urei 1605 DJ mixer

UREI Soundcraft 1605 DJ Mixer

Rapattack's choice of professional studio DJ Mixer:
Superb build with excellent sound quality.
NICE MACHINE - Well Recommended for analogue audiophiles.

Music studio playback set-up

TECHNICS A900S Reference Power Amplifier-

with matching pre-amp, cd player and tuner (right).
Antique ADC Sound Shaper Equaliser with Sony DAT, Sony Cassette, Sony Minidisk and Philips CD recording equipment (left).

Music studio speakers

Peeping inside the RPK DJ Studio:
2 x TECHNICS SL-1200LTD Turntables
Limited Edition Gold (rare collectors item)
WHARFEDALE Mach 9 (Main Speakers)
WHARFEDALE Diamond (Monitor Speakers)

100% vinyl

CD's/mp3s/laptops not permitted for DJ sets.
With a music library containing over 70,000 original vinyl
recordings, including a complete James Brown catalogue,
Rapattack have always been at the top of their game. 
CD's/mp3s/laptops not permitted for DJ sets. 

The UK's first Mastermixing pioneers of Soul and Dance music, Sound Systems and DJs, credited for contributing to, and the development of the UK's Underground Dance Music Scene, along with quality of sound at Club level.


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