The GrandMaster

(aka DJ Master MC)
The award winning champion of the decks, winning the U.K. Mix Supreme titles for 7 consecutive years from 1984-1990, the best radio DJ (1986 and 1987), the best U.K. DJ (1986) and best club dj in 1990. With a style that’s second to none and a proven ability to be able to rock any crowd. He‘s remained at the top of the profession for many years with what he describes as the party style. 

Lady Misstify

(Garage and House music selectress)
 Joining Rapattack in 1999, following a long standing tradition of female entertainers from Rapattack (the most famous being the now internationally acclaimed artist ‘Betty Boo’). 

DJ Ricky

(aka the Politician)
a die hard music lover, with a good knowledge of the mechanics of Soundsystems, who has been collecting rare original soul vinyl's, R’n’B and other good tunes for many years. 

Mellow Milt

(aka the technician)
Co founder, manager and executive decision maker with a great business brain, having to deal with what can only be described as challenging ‘artiste’s mentality’ for nearly 4 decades. 

MC Dizzi Heights

(the Funky Dread)
The undisputed original rapper of London Town, with a history that goes back to early performances at the Wag, the Titanic and the Language Lab (London’s first hip-hop club) in the heart of Soho, the trendiest place to be back in 1979 , frequented by a mix of London’s middle class English, as well as urban black youth, as a result of the diversity within the Royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. 


One of the UK's popular and most well known House and Garage MC's.  
Has been a fixture at Rapattack since the 1994 and loved for his catchphrases "We're lovin it, lovin it lovin it"... and 'doing it for the massive... doing it for the crew. Doing it to make you skip and dance and do the boogaloo". Also one of the masters of social media. Check out his facebook page @

MC Bronx

(aka Khemistry)
In his heyday rated as one of the top British rappers and was quickly signed to Rush Artist Management (affiliated to Def Jam U.K. label) in 1988 alongside the Wee Papa Girl Rappers. Contributing to the success of ‘Offshore’s’ major hits by supplying the rap vocals for their tracks, he has also regularly worked with the U.K’s R’n’B dj/producer Darkman and as a producer for the Select Committee. 

Soulski Jam (MC)

A natural talent who joined the crew as a teenager in 1988 becoming one of the coolest and most eloquent rappers in town. Inspired by early hip-hop culture, break dancing, body popping and non-violent rap battles, he was instantly attracted and felt at home with the unique and innovative style of Rapattack. He has always been a very thoughtful and spiritual person. 

MC Stevie

(Operations Manager)
Loved by everybody. Hard working, precise and with an attention for detail. Always full on and never relaxes until he's got the system and props up and running. Loves to chat the original oldschool studio one classic stylie in honour of his heroes the classic Jamaican toasters 'Hugh Roy', 'I Roy' and Prince Jazzbo.


What would we do without him. An excellent organiser who has this way of being able to manage soundsystem set up and breakdown operations more efficiently than anyone else (and it’s not even his job). Reliable, dependable and vigilant. Able to think quickly on his feet as well as continually and regularly using his invaluable d.i.y. skills to save the day. 

Tony aka...'T'

T alongside Mikael has been in the business of security and in providing not just security but close protection for professional performers and recording artistes, with a history that can be traced back to the days of the original Rapattack soul parties in the 1980's. He is a great cook, who even to this day provides the crew with a wholesome home-cooked delicacies every Carnival Monday. Tony is also a fantastic dancer and original Soulboy, who even to this day loves a 'dance-off'. Apart from Rapattack, these days you're very likely to see him managing security teams at popular festivals and more exquisite venues such as the Royal Albert Hall.


SIA Registered
... is another valuable and key member of the Rapattack family team. Michael originally started by helping out and offering his services in physicality as a very-much appreciated 'box-boy' and grafter. Spending years as a steward guarding the sound system alongside his mentor 'T' and the team on overnight security duties, Michael was encouraged to formerly train and qualify as a registered SIA (Security Industry Authority) member. Since then there's been no looking back and security has now become his full-time profession.  Michael is loved and appreciated by all who meet him and soon get attracted to his calm, quiet and empathetic nature. It would be very difficult to operate at Carnival without him.

Carlton aka 'Foxy'

Rapattacks' Carlton (the fox) always gets his dancin' shoes on... and is one of the longest standing members of the Rapattack crew. Back in the day, he was and certainly remains to be one of the best dancers around, representing West London at dance-offs when clubbing all around the country back in the late 1970s. As part of the original pre-Rapattack 'Me and the Boys' dancing crew, alongside Alistair (GrandMasteR), James Registe, Tony Baker, Wilbert John, Gary Hazeman (the white boy) and too any others to mention... Soul, Jazz, Funk and House music and dancing has always been his passion... Other key members of that dancing team were Jabba, Clive Clarke and the infamous Tommy Mac (McDonald). Hammersmith Palais was the centre back the. Real soulheads and relic dance crews such as the 'Hammersmith Funk Force" will certainly know what we're talking about !!!

Josh (the apprentices)

One of the youngest members of the Rapattack team, flying the flag for British youth and forever making us ever ever so proud. Confident, presentably and well schooled, due to being the son of Rapattack's original video technician 'Kevi-Kev'. Currently at Southampton University studying 'Music', Josh has attended every Rapattack Carnival since he was only a baby. While still at school and aged only 15 years-old, he was elected as the first Deputy Youth Mayor of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. He's the kind of young man that any lady would be proud to bring back to meet her parents. We love him.

Callum (the apprentices)

Callum is a brilliant and technically-minded local young individual. He first approached Rapattack following a Carnival session to ask questions about the equipment when he was only 14-years old. The GrandMasteR was so impressed with his knowledge and expertise about both the mechanics and mathematical calculations that were required on order to balance a sound system correctly, therefore Callum immediately became a hit amongst the Rapattack crew who took him under their wings. Callum is also a ranking sea cadet who loves life, a cross section of many dance music forms, particularly when its loudness can be measured directly in quality. Employed as a technician, he spends most of his recreational time at musical events and sound system functions, always dragging his beloved mother with him because she loves to dance. She too certainly is a character and also a respected member of the Rapattack family. 

Mr Charmer

(The latest addition to the vocal lyricalists).
Does exactly what it says on the tin, so undoubtedly is much loved by everyone who either manages to somehow cross it's path, or gets sucked in by the dulcet tones. Not akin to the Indian who works his magic on the flute whilst the cobra in the basket gets somewhat mesmerised. Just hypnotic...  Reminds us somewhat of water emerging from the source of a river, slowly but surely gaining momentum and becoming ever more excited as it smoothly meanders its way, accelerating as it races to the estuary. Once open water is reached, you will find yourself thinking "why didn't I run for cover earlier"-  but by now you're hooked and like a fish, you only now just realise you've already been sucke(r)d in. Give it a microphone and...  errr......  well it's just all over.
Charmer by name, Charmer by nature. 

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