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Notting Hill Carnival 2023
(was a smash...)

Following last year's challenge to recover from the worldwide pandemic and its detrimental effect to livelihoods in the music and entertainment industries, Rapattack Sound System along with our sister Carnival artistic forms are proud to say that we made all it back with a bang and would like to thank all who contributed in our endeavours. 

Watch out for the 2023 After Carnival Report with news and video action of the happenings and Shenanigans coming real soon. 

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GLOBAL CHART-TOPPING…  Come get a sample taste of our award-winning live streams.
We’re on the road to world domination in having a constant stream of award winning musical excellence.
AIN’T NOBODY DOES IT BETTER !!! Big thanks out to the DJ Funky Frank for contributing to this landmark achievement… and also the worldwide support in viewing streams and listening to recordings. 
You along with 72(+) others will be 

Listen to our recording here: mixcloud.com/jnllqb/unadulterated/


Rapattack Sound System - Keeping the awareness alive

Forever in our hearts 💚 

Continuing to highlight support for the Grenfell tragedy, Rapattack is not just the official Grenfell Soundsystem. This SoundSystem (established in 1984) has its origins firmly rooted within the local Notting Dale - Grenfell and Mangrove communities. Multicultural messages of love, peace and togetherness are deep and firmly rooted in this part of town. Following on from previous years it is only fitting to continue the tribute at 0ur 40th Anniversary, therefore the system will go fully 'green' yet again and already planning the 72-second silence at 3.00pm on Carnival days in 2024 in remembrance of victims, as we party down to the now nationally recognised local theme:


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Rapattack Carnival 2023 - Behind the scenes Documentary.

Stepping inside the world of the largest Notting Hill Carnival Street Sound System as they prepare for London's biggest street festival. This gives a behind-the-scenes account of a fraction of the effort it takes to prepare and deliver the DJ showcase at the event.

Check out the Rapattack Sound System. The only London music-based soundsystem to perform exclusively with vinyl recordings.

Tune of the Week is our latest feature

Mario- Let me love you

Check back regularly to sample a piece of musical joy. 

Selected by one of the Rapattack DJs. 
This week, it's the DJ GrandMasteR.
Our only wish is that you could listen to the original vinyl. 
Inspired by an archive of 60,000+ serious pieces of wax. 

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